Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 8





We all have dreams and there is always time to make them real…


The Dreams Chapter is where you express the top line of all your dreams.  We are not going to suggest anything at this point about what your dreams might be because it may obscur your view.  What is important is that you list all the dreams you have in as much detail as possible so that there is a start to those dreams.


Think about Da Vinci. His works and dreams were drafted and he drew for hours out of his imagination making possible for events in  his lifetime and those that surpassed him.  You need to put on your Da Vinci hat and produce from your heart all those things you want to experience and be part of this lifetime and beyond…


When you know what your dream is, understand it by its components.


Start with your main idea of the dream and then break it down. This is when spider diagrams, lists and mind maps become incredibly powerful. Once you understand what the main dream is and thence the components, you can go about making that happen.


Many OSJ Authors use the Substance Chapter to take one dream and fan it out so they can see and plan how to make a way to that dream. This is a very good way of going about designing a path to get there.   In the actual Chapter it might be helpful to keep to concise summaries so you can continue to go back, pick a different dream and work on them all until you have them under your belt.



Settle for Your Dream When it Comes to Pass – Not on Your Terms it Comes to Pass…


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