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Building Everyone into Our Workplace and Products

We are ambitious by ensuring everyone we 'can accommodate',  'can participate' in employment and our products or services... We are determined in this mission to do everything reasonably possible to make that happen. 



We value individual effort and achievements.  The OSJ seeks to become an all inclusive employer meaning we have an open door to making the work we do accessible to as many people as possible. We support our people to obtain them as part of 'our success'... The OSJ has a long way to go before we realise this dream totally.  We do know, we are on our way (thanks to Tracy at the DWP).

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Welcoming and Receiving Service Personnel and Their Families

Our partnerships mean taking the view of succeeding with the highest standards. We accept volunteers and employ personnel from any part of the armed services or their families. We are dedicated to being here for all our services and invite you to contact us. We are going for Gold and look forward to all participation with you.



We value you and our country alike, enough to support any and all of our staff to fully participate with all Armed Forces Activities.

The OSJ is at your service and we welcome any contact for any reason from members who have served or are serving.  Our resources are your resources and we are here to support. Contact us here.

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Can you recommend an award we should seek that makes us 'exclusively inclusive?' Contact us here.


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