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Whatever we are doing you will be safe and secure. Working in intelligence is dangerous.  We know that and so does our director Zen, who quite frankly does not give a damn about anything other than safety and success.


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We provide Success Journals (that you produce) and an online platform where you can network across any of your projects worldwide, with anyone who will fully participate in your success from your dream career in being a rainbow trout to a big finish funeral at the end of your life.


(Austin Powers, The Irish Men and Piff)


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Standing by to help you we have every kind of intelligence agent from psychic detectives to the Kremlin & GCHQ,  finding solutions for your life or problems, clearing the way to your success.  We are seriously connected to people who care about you and want to participate in your life, business or experiences.  We believe you and there are many people out there who do too.


We have worked with pilots who have met UFO's and soldiers recovering from PP experiences that ruined their lives. Crashed politicians and radical leaders as well as prisoners of war and circumstance.  Uniformed Officers wrongly accused or deployed, to the new Chinese james Bond who is making a real impression in the Casino world from Vegas to the UAE. 


The fact is, if intelligence had worked and was accurate, success would have looked like safety and security.  We'll get you back on your way from any derailment.  You are not alone and you will go on.

Ready for Your Greatness


Let's face it. There are many people in your life who simply think their opnion has an impact on your life, and who will not be at your funeral, because they may have left early (the sweet smell of success is called the odour of sactity). We kind of make sure those people, who are off theme, don't show up.  War mongering, self centred, interfering, no goods are not allowed anywhere what we do. We are here to succeed and have a good time in life, not expediate death. 


There are agents out there called the Andersons who will pick up those sorts and ensure they find that perfect world of death and depression they are clearly attracted to. 


High Quality, Vetted, Secure Code


Zen is a trained and experienced security & intelligence professional who has been in the game since she screwed up in the police force at 18 years old, avoiding national service, working for Kirby Cleaners, by crashing an uninsured Ford Fiesta into a jewellers, only 300ft from her station.  She is also a teacher and teacher trainer (advanced driver) as well as a really big animal lover.  Zen has the longest escape and evade record, according to the SAS (arguably by the SBS), which was 4 years and 11 months. She was then caputured by them, some media/tech companies, international intelligence services and interrogated as a POW for 3 months in England, who were in denial that she was the operator of the World Safety and Security Plan for NATO and the United Nations, and the sworn  Head of IOSA (the International Official Secrets Act).  This turned into an out and out situation of allied working.


This has nothing to do with intelligence consulation because what we do at a serious level, is to be taken light heartedly (we've found legs before). She never recieved any pay for that or any other operation (which is oncoming).

Considerate Optimization


Few people had been respected in intelligence until Zen designed it in 2001, when she planned and executed the decsion to launch the Original Success Journal Ltd. She decided that the people mattered more than the objectives and that reconnaissance was invalid if it cost life or injury.  This started a fight with every intelligence service, especially the Russians who were taking bets, because they knew where she was really born.


The decison was made at Hearn Bay in Kent, England around the 24th of March 2001 - she never gave up creating the worlds first intelligence oversight agency, of which is where this is going, to protect and defend the rights of intelligence professionals, worldwide.


Ethos of Intent

In 2024, it will be the first year where the profits from the company will be shared by every voluteer and employee of Original Success Journal Ltd.  This was the reason the company was assulted and the fact is, she is still alive and so is the company, and now has also created with Richard Moore (Code named Agent K) of Mi6, the MOD Covenant.


That's how the winning was done.


Lord Evans, Lord Parker and Lord Hall were the men who called Zen on in 2018 whilst she was busy away out of the country and together we, allied with many international organisations, stopped dead one of the worlds biggest terror assults on every capital city in the world.  Today, even the enemy has become very good associates and we maintain that with diplomacy and friendships.

Responsive, Ready, Done

We use technology, consult for it, Zen designs much of it and despite America stealing ideas and patenting them, Elon Musk made it open source to assit benefitting the world.  All this is used for securing people and animals and especially for supporting the environment, such as ensuring Orcas can move about in bays and leave the boats alone.


We are strict with technology and do not let under 14 year olds handle or manage it because we are aware of the sea monsters and are still busy ensuring it goes through their thick skull that a duck swims and flys.


Built for Speed, for life

Our team can contact anyone at anytime and we have spent 6 years buiding this eco system where you are welcome to fully engage with your success and ours.  We do a great deal of things with household brands to protect and develop the means and ways to leave behind a place that we once took forgranted.


Whatever you want to achieve, do it with us we develop the online platform, which is constantly being upgraded and networked. 


No matter what you buy from us, you will get a free life time membership from our store at www.zillart.com (or sister site named after our Founder Jeni Zengei Zillart (Zen).



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