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We reserve every name on the OSJ by requested registrations and direct contact only. We protect brands and others success.

To become a member you must be recommended, and considered safe for our secure success environment.

We are a private success network ‘online, in life’ and a strategist of success using the Original Success Journaling methodology.

Help Pay Our Performers

Our performers voluteer so that they do not have to go into the shady world of dark arts.  Our story has been diifficut and is just on the  upturn.  Our performers and stage crew work very hard to make it happen, to get to us to get opprtunity and do what they love.

We would welcome all donations which go entirely to the team and the running costs of each production.  Please do leave a mention of where we can find your products or services and where we can, you will see them on our social media and in productions.

All our team, thank you for helping paying for their food, hotels, transport and helping provide them a safe working environment.

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