What does the OSJ do?


'Original Success Journal Ltd is a training, publishing, change management consultancy and organisation.


We manage both Government and Commercial projects which bring about growth and change; personally, professionally, nationally and internationally'.





'Companies, charities and organisations hire The OSJ to secure and invigorate your business so that your work becomes the customers benefit.

Only then what you do sticks...' 


Jz Zillart IoD, FRSA - Founder of The OSJ


'It's time to leave the past behind, look forward and go to it...' 

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"If your employee has no autonomy, cannot negotiate, cannot give discounts, appreciate the VALUE of what a client brings you by working with them, or has no  flexibility in taking the deal off the client; it is clear the owners are not here in the national interest of making money in our economies.  That is the ultimate sign of a business that intends harm on the nation or the economy.   Associate with those who have the national interest at heart - they are obvious."

Founder of The OSJ

Can we talk money?


The OSJ works within the boundaries of affordability. That means we only charge what you can afford.  Be in reach, not out of time.  We are here to succeed with you individually, professionally, personally, corporately - in any way you can imagine.


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Do you negotiate in any situation?


Some might say. The reality is we work with international negotiation teams from every field to get things done.  We know that we all walk away alive and thriving...

How do we contact you?


Email us from your company email to: info@originalsuccessjournal.com describing how we can help or to schedule a private meeting with Zen the founder to consult do so  here.

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