Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 8


Empowering Choices


What is an Empowering Choice?


Empowering choices are very different to choices. Empowered Choices are well-discerned decisions which give you an overall feeling of present strength.  This is what carries you forward and enables you to persist with whatever ambition lays within that choice. If it feels good and feels right, it might well be.


The three components that an empowering choice is:


It is relevant to your overall purpose (task, mission, life course)
That choice is determined by your will to persue it, until the completion
There is an 'in-knowing' that if you don't do this then whatever your that is, will not happen.


Use them Wisely


This is the only chapter which demands that you pause before you write anything down and dedicate the ink to your pathway.  Carefully discern the structure of the choice as well as its content. Should you find you are contemplating it too long, extract and reform the substance of what's really worth considering and reveal the truth in a new way of saying what you really mean.


As a tip when a writer experiences this hesitation, it comes from strugging with old ways of thinking.  Its like looking through fog and meanwhile the shape of its there it lacks definition. Take the time to let that fog clear and fully appreciate what the choice actually is.  The mind sometimes creates this pause or distortion because its too scary to let you know the consequences and its asking you to find a better and safer way forward, for you!


There are times when that Empowering Choice is absolutely overhwheming and it is possible to absolutely expel it from imagination to the material ink on a page.  Thus you should, because thats your insticts telling you that you have struck gold and now it wants to come to life.



Bring it to life..

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