Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 7




Affirmations are short powerful statements which reassert your confidence in the possibility of obtaining your success.  They come with structural requirements.  Let's start wih understanding what a good affirmation looks like:


"I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in incredible quantities from multiple sources on a continuing basis."

Bob Proctor




Affirmations like that because:


~ They are framed with an invisable invitation that reaches out beyond your current place in time.
~ They emphasise gratitude (the givers reward)
~ They have zero limitations or conditions, allowing abundance to increase.


The affirmations you are using must include the above three elements to work to be a powerhouse for you.  Your mission with the affirmations chapter is, throughout the development of your activites, to design and make your own affirmations.


Writing your own affirmations is the most powerful mehod because the activity develops your skills set and you learn flexibility in these transferable skills.   Your potential is maximised in every direction, therefore go through the struggles of having to master them to create authentic results.








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