Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 14


Unexpected Rewards



Unexpected Rewards are exactly that. Typically, we do not pay attention to Unexpected Rewards because we call them surprises or simply have not honed our senses to appreciate all those things that really go on in one day (yet!).   In fact, much of the time, we suspect anyone giving us something for free as wanting something from us in return.   It seems generosity and random acts of kindness became unfashionable as we became more 'self-sufficient' or 'vigilant'. The amplification of these acts of kindness only floods the world with good.


To value Unexpected Rewards on a more local level for ourselves we must develop our understanding of what Unexpected Rewards really are and how we go about recognizing them. We also must loosen of our self-sufficient attitudes of which we inherit from a multitude of influences. The facts are, to succeed you will need other people and you will have to have good relationships with them so you can progress. Unexpected Rewards ease you into this and bring into the light the good that is going on for you.



Unexpected Rewards are also those things we take for granted, like a ray of sunlight which catches our eye and ignites a fond childhood memory of a summer’s day lazing under a tree.


How Are Unexpected Rewards Important to Me?


If you want to get into self-mastery and know better constants emotionally, spiritually, and physically then first master the thoughts which deprive you of positive inclinations; especially those that lead to selective hearing and tunnel vision. One does not progress or grow into a place when errant thinking is holding you back in a regressive state.  In this low grade state, you cannot value the true value of any reward and in fact it has you over look them.


By this, we mean to tell you a person can decide to stay in a state of self-sabotage.  A person can know they can grow with the potential they  have but resists demanding of themselves the necessary changes in character, disciplines, or actions. They have habitualised an unacceptable level of normailty, even they complain about.


As Faithless (a UK Band) kindly point out leading us to a helpful summery 'inaction is a weapon of mass destruction'. Truly, what needs to happen is to increase the value on what we are given in as much totality as we can and to take action.  The moment you experience a new Unexpected Reward for the first few occasions, spend time thinking on and expressing all the ways it has made a difference to you. See it with loving senses and turn on the engines in your mind so that what branches out from that is a fuller experience. Those fleeting moments better pathways in your  neurology which emphasise the fullness in the potential of character.  This amplifies you rmotivation and other necessary innate skills such as determination and agility.
  This is your life, and you are the only star and audience member of the same show...


What Are Unexpected Rewards?


Unexpected Rewards are the unexpected things that can and do happen as a result from the applied thinking in your OSJ. Your assertion is responded to by the universe and other people. So, for example, your OSJ has got you thinking on your life purpose. You decide that you are wanting something, say a new course of study. As if by divine intervention things just start appearing (and they do if you are facing the right way). Posters, overheard conversations, a radio ad. Maybe you get handed a leaflet. These are the rewards of your intentions. These thing increase in size and variety as you progress. By starting small you learn to recognize opportunity and avenues that furnish your way.



Unexpected Rewards are also the big things such as your partner taking you on a surprise holiday or you are a finalist in a co-working competition. They may be intimate. A hug from a friend. They are also the small, unexpected things that maybe you would discount. They are the things which by recognizing them will encourage you to carry on and carry forward. They add value. Anything that is relevant to you and your path (said put in Russian) which is unexpected, as in you never thought of it, it just arrived - is and an Unexpected Reward.



Think further...



Think carefully and with some detail. Do you think about your husband or wife appreciating your efforts and becoming closer to you, unfolding new depths in your relationship? There are things like people inviting you to Gala dinners or evening parties. You were invited just so they could be with you and catch your flow, propose ideas, or share your enthusiasms. Then there are things like unexpected thank you notes, flowers, feedback, commendations, references, or calls. What about unexpected inheritance or investors who give you extremely helpful terms. Another thing is a chat with a friend who re-coursed you from a useless mindset to one which changed your day. Someone may have bought you a drink or paid their debt back to you. Maybe you won something, or some Prize Bond paid out? What about the barman who took your car key off you when you had one too many drinks? What about the soldier who passed away saving the platoons lives? Who knows anything of your Unexpected Rewards but you?



Ultimately if you did not expect something good but it showed up, or something awful was prevented, they are the rewards for you to add to your Original Success Journal. Author all of these.



See the Good in All That Comes Your Way...



For as tough as life is there are some people in the world who seem to weather every storm. They recover quickly from serious loss of loved ones, illness, broken relationships, abusive situations. Some people really give us a real example to set our perspective against. Those who are afflicted with worst situations such as poverty, conflict, persecution, coercive relationships and all sorts of disadvantages can certainly teach us a great deal about being grateful or understanding what an Unexpected Reward may really look like. Therefore, let us recognize our privileges and value their contribution to us. It is important to recognise how blessed we all are.



What the conquors of life and death have is the underpinning secret of gratitude in their perception of Unexpected Rewards management.  By encountering those who have this experience we can learn much. We should, in fact, try to get close to someone disadvantaged so we too can gain perspective of our own wealth and share ours. It is those experiences which bring about massive change and valuable action. Our perspective is absolutely shaken and re-quantified. Therefore, we should study what our Unexpected Rewards are and their relativity to our situations - no matter how wealthy or poor we may perceive ourselves to be. We pass by not looking at the gifts given by chance, by goodwill or by acts of charity.


What your legacy will be, has yet to be determined by your course of action. It is by seeing your Unexpected Rewards and recognizing their value which may well open the doors and take you from where you are now, to where you are going. You will develop en route confidence and trust in the world around you which is ever-so abundant despite the challenges we face.


Give and get (got it?)



Open your awareness to those things which you can add to your Gratitude Chapter but for those you never expected to happen, they belong in Unexpected Rewards. You must become aware of the actual abundance in your life and sink into it. Working on your Unexpected Rewards as and when they happen or by dedicating a short time each month to reflect will give you...



strength and reason to get up and get on with why you are here...

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