Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 13




Substance is the tokens of the actual material and immaterial wealth that shows up as you travel along the road of your journey. This is all the things that get into your existence by your either you planning them or they show up as a result of the effort you make towards you purpose. Recognise the  substance as you see it for yourself in relation to your objectives.


Let’s look at some examples. If you are en route to producing a music album, the cover artwork, the track of music is all substance.  A writer may say pens, copy, publishing deals their notes, are all types of substance. An executive may note that targets, sales, winning new clients is their substance. A father who spends better quality time with his family may perceive that as his substance is what they did, such as going fishing or practising boxing, the evening at the cinema.


Being offered a new role is another subject worthy of the Substance Chapter. The winning application, interview, audition or contract are fragments of substance. Meeting your heroes and getting autographs is another sort of substance. A musician may list his new guitar or the rifts she has learned. If you have started a business and now employ people or moved into an office, that may be your substance.


Do not ask for opinions on this. Your Original Success Journal Substance is unique and not describable by anyone other than the OSJ Author themselves (that’s you).


Whatever you get by your effort is your substance…



All substance is specific to you and you can really express the detail in accordance to your circumstances.  Even small things like positive emails and text messages. These throw away moments become important motivational and gratitude memoris later.   Sometimes it is the small encouraging things which are substantial to you. Other times they are big things like buying a house or a first brand new car, getting married or a promotion. If you are an officer of the law or of intelligence your substance would be arrests, policy, awareness campaigns or concluded cases which safeguard the public.


Only you will know what small entry or mention is so meaningful to you that you want to add it to the Substance Chapter of your Original Success Journal. The important matter is when you look at the comment or entry, it gives you a feeling of growth and achievement. Become aware of substance in your world, all those little and major markers which are so significant to you personally.


Your substance becomes your spiritual essence. When challenged pick up your OSJ and take a look at those pages, finding encouragement and faith in your ability to go on to do more. This is vital. It keeps your spirits high, progressive and you develop your resilience.


There is no real limitation for you will know what makes you happy and feel encouraged.   Elavate even the small things. This is your space to privately, if necessary, acknowledge the meaningful things to you to enlighten your interior world with new types of appreciation.


And that’s it!


All you need to do is work out what your Substance is in your Original Success journal and take the time to enter it, as you notice it…

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