Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 12


Meaningful Moments



A Brief Introduction to Meaningful Moments…


This valuable Chapter of your Original Success Journal is ”inspired’.  It is possibly the most precious chapter you will write because it is stirred by the heart.  It is for all the wonderful moments when someone really thinks of you or does something particularly touching.


Inspired comes from the root meaning breathe.


Here you add all those meaningful moments of your experience which take your breath away.  There is no short answer here, only you know what powers your meaning and has you look back with that same sense of affection.  These sublime feelings are accessible on demand to you. Method actors regularly use their experiences to express authentic emotion and its by tapping into that well of emotions and memories they do it.



When to Use Meaningful Moments


We never know when we may come across a Meaningful Moment thus it is the case that we need to remember and record this in our OSJ’s ‘as and when ‘is opportune’. These memories are a powerhouse of support and encouragement for all times ahead.


Meaningful Moments are priceless…

because you can not buy them…

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