Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 15


Well Wishers




What Are Well Wishers, in fact, Who Are They?



Your Well Wishers are those people who you already know and all those you are going to meet. They are those who when they wish you good or well, you now have a place to treasure that.


Why Ask For Other Best Well Wishes?



The reason you ask is that you are asking to receive good intentions of the other. You are letting them know how valuable they are to you (and they are). People feel great when you ask for their autograph and it creates a wonderful moment. You secure stronger and more meaningful relationships by appreciating people. You show your openness or willingness to participate in mutual relations. from there you can share and grow for each other’s benefit. If not, then you have a good point of referral and certainly should refer people to your associates.



How Do Well Wishes Help Me in terms of My OSJ or Purpose?



As humans, we let ourselves down sometimes and do not prepare a resource which can provide us support. We too may not know ourselves so well that we ‘think’ we may need a resource that can provide this sort of support. Often when we have come from a world where we literally pick and choose, mastering our own worlds we arrive at a point of isolation. That is dangerous because we then fall prey to ourselves or the extraordinary influences of others. It is in those silent times which gives just enough time for false beliefs to slip in creating a dip in attitude towards others or worse life purpose. We may become despondent or cease engaging. We may give up.



Giving up means conceding to permanent failure.



Hence, dangerous because regret will have you quickly seek ‘pain relief’ of some kind and that will soon wreak havoc in your relationships, finances, health. Awareness sorts this out and should you need reminding of the wealth of support you have or have had…


Conversely, we may have never looked for people beyond ourselves to follow or found our mentors. This is where your Well Wishers really step in. They will be there to remind you of qualities you were aspiring to, possibilities that still lay before you or gentle encouragement to reach out for whatever it is you need. Those you admire give you a great example to imitate. Well Wishers gives you a foot in the door when you need reminding of those traits you have or may need too.


No matter how big, powerful, rich, clever you become it is essential to keep the company of good advisors and mentors. Every major long-term successful person has them. Your Well Wishers will give you a place to draw strength and go on an achieve even more.


This world of the West, where we are taught that our roots, history, cultures are all secondary, can create a material reality which is contradictory to our life’s direction. In one part of the day, we maybe in a culturally rich environment and in another expected to dress down all that what makes us who we are. For what society says is culturally important, often the opportunities of expression are sparse. What we do have in the West is the ability to create or participate in opportunities which propel us should we switch the ways we take action to join in with them. If we do, then we should be listing that in the Gratitude or Outside Resources Chapter of our OSJ’s so we can pursue them. Many live literally in an ocean of impressions that have nothing to do with the person they are, who really is something unique and beautiful – completely.


Times will surely change, yet in the meantime we must persist to a place that is more wholesome preparing ourselves with the encouragement to succeed and to excel. That means to get beyond the current circumstances we are in. Having an OSJ will help you through this and in times when you need to know what you need to know, nourishment can be found in your Well Wishers Chapter. Eventually, you will have found your place, people, and all you need to thrive more each day too.



Well Wishers will bring you joy because they believed in you.


The Well Wishers Chapter is quite deep and so it does not stop there. It gives you the chance to reflect on relations you may want to reignite at a different point or simply reflect on to instil that sense of in the moment presence too. As you go on your way towards your life purpose you will meet people who down the line have made great discoveries, become famous, done well, passed over. You have in your hands a piece of mutual history – in ink. This is as much about nostalgia (as it is life) and it is good to engage and reflect with those who mean something to you.



Get Personal



We are very serious about your success…


You will know the people you wish to gather your Well Wishes from and you should ask anyone who matters to you to sign and message yours. If you ever attend any courses from the OSJ, you will find that most participants will sign each others OSJ’s.


It is meaningful..


Go with it and go with your heart…

it will be right…

it always is…

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