Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 11


Outside Resources


Outside resources are all the materials things you have and as you gather more add them to that chapter. The reason you are doing this is to bring about a view of appreciation because very often we take for granted our resources and achievements. We become comfortable with what we have and may look down on it or worse, not even notice. This devalues our experience and gives us a distorted perception of the world. It affects our attitude, and we see and experience less of what we actually are blessed with. However, we can change that view very quickly and start to recognize that we do live in a world of abundance.


How to Proceed



As you detail this with your new situational awareness this be specific because even if you are looking to improve it in the Dreams or Desires Chapter later, quantifying your blessings or accessible resources now will give you a sense of stability and a sense of appreciation which will become priceless.



Your Original Success Journal Chapter on Outside Resources is all about the things which make other things happen. List everything you can and as your awareness expands to realize more, add them. All conveniences, means, accounts, materials should be considered as outside resources or tools.



This chapter initially is there to get you to appreciate the material aspects of your life that you have been successful in getting. Later it starts to prove the incoming abundance that has shown up. Each is your proof of what you have obtained considering your efforts, and they are your rewards to treasure.



Additionally, your Outside Resources also becomes the proof of what resources are there for your benefit which you may not be taking up. It is an orientation system that you are earning to use the best and most of its capability. Even a simple duck pond can be a resource or reflection and serenity where you gather the spiritual strength to carry on.



Your Original Success Journal Outside Resources creates vents of appreciation which, because you express appreciation of them, eccentuates their beauty within your self esteem all the more.   This tends to reveal their overlooked values that have been sailing by.  Take for example the washing machine we metionned in the earlier chapter.   It saves you a great deal of time which is part of its appeal. At which point have any of us ever given some sort of thought to the time we have additionally acquired from it's service to us or squandered that time elsewhere?  If we were to add that time up how much more would you say you had because of that one humble machine alone?



In this practice of realizing your Outside Resources, others too will notice your refined appreciation and be happier to trust you with the valuables thing they have. Likewise, others will furnish you with the more meaningful things in life because outward appreciation develops a base for trust. By shifting your presence, this becomes the transformation.



People come to enjoy giving and sharing with a person who appreciates and values what they do or have. This is the joy of charity which we often overlook as a mediocre source of enlightenment. It is a beautiful aspect of being human. The Inside Resources Chapter focusses you to value and appreciate this beautiful interior world which enables your output.



It does not matter how much you have got,

it only matters how much you appreciate what you have got.




A Little direction for the Future...


When you have completed your Outside Resource Chapter, remember this is a working chapter (like the whole of your OSJ). This is because all material and spiritual things (like skills) are transient they degrade or develop. Your tastes are transient too, over time those tastes might change like with flavours or wallpapers.


Over the time span of your journal, update it accordingly and when you need reminding of how wonderful this world is - take a good long look over these pages and be grateful to get back into the mood of appreciation. They’re your roots, your history and may well be in your ancestry one day.


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