Modern Slavery Statement


We maintain a zero tolerance for any modern slavery whatsoever.  When we come across it we have an appitite for rediscovering the hearts of those who would enslave another and ensuring a collaborative response to ensuring every ones peace, security and prosperity.


Our Expectations of Contractors, OSJ Members and Anyone who Works with us in any way...


We expect that all contractors, employees in any role and working through any party for or behalf of us is aware of this page.

That in the event a person is subject to trafficking, slavery, inhumane, degrading treatment, extortion, is infringed on to be exploited from without consent or whereby the law permits abuse, that person can communicate by this page and we will seek immediate assistance on their behalf from the respective security services of that country (and their country of origin whereby that is appropriate).

We expect all staff and members to be treated with equivalent high standards we display at all times.

We expect any staff to report to the OSJ any member of staff, contractor or otherwise who might be using our online services as a route or means to traffic an individual or others.

Defining Modern Slavery


League of Nations Slavery Convention of 25 September 1926. 13 It defined slavery as “the status or condition of a per- son over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised”


Modern Examples of Slavery


Sex Trafficking.

Child Sex Trafficking.

Forced Labor.

Bonded Labor or Debt Bondage.

Domestic Servitude.

Forced Child Labor.

Unlawful Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers.

Social Welfare Benefits Extortion Rackets.

Our Promise to Engage with Modern Slavery Stakeholders


We promise to meet annually and openly invite a consortium of charities, communities, government, officials, those who have conquored being trafficked and security services to discuss how we, Original Success Journal Ltd, can support and work with out reach or develop our Modern Slavery Policy to serve where it reaches.


The next schedulled event is on December 14th 2021

Nottingham, England

(Expressions of interests from speakers is open)


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