Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 6




Most people who achieve success with anything will agree that success comes about from being in a state of gratitude (or repriocity).  Without it they will agree their success would not be possible.  Why, because no one will work with the selfish and ungrateful. It is a draining type of attitude to be around and adds nothing to the success of the team or others wider success.  Gratitude is the healthy option.



In sport, for example, even in the hardest of events like ultra marathons, there are people cheering positively despite the sheer determination it takes.  These people leave legacies for others to keep up with and you are no different to a high performing athlete or other performer.  Your job is to use every ounce of energy to build legacies others can either meet or beat.  Too often this simple fact is kept secret or unrecognized as unimportant. Yet in grasping that you will also receive new gusto to do better in your present.


Let Us Begin...


To get the maximum out of your Gratitude Chapter and to make them as substantial as possible start with a practice run on a blank bit of paper.  The objective is to fill both sides without leaving any space of all the things you are grateful for.  Keep that with you over a day or so and keep on returning to it as other realizations come into view like your washing machine, that chat with a friend, the driver who drove your bus, the clean air and water.


What you are doing in this initial phase is widening the territory of your attitude so that you can walk in the state of gratitude and maintain it.  The more grateful you are the greater the gifts you can receive.


This also reinforces your perception and fine tunes it to notice opportunity have a fearless embrace to change.  It empowers you to correctly value the world you perceive and squashes the emotional drivers that weigh us down.




Take a look at this...




Moving On...



Once you have scoped out this wider perception and have completed your piece of paper with as much as you can be grateful for, return to your OSJ and begin to add the things you are most grateful for.  Continue this as a habit when you find new things to be grateful for.  The secret here? To use only those things which mean the most.  When you reflect on them they will give you the sustenence you need to maintain your determination to succeed.







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