Your Original Success Journal

Chapter Three


(or foreward)


The Top Two Lines


There are two ways of writing an OSJ Forward and again depending on your hearts response you will choose which way you go...
Traditionally a forward is written and signed by a book's author.  Any forward tells the overarching story of what your OSJ is about is about. They are often written at the end because writers often allow the creative process to direct to the narrative before arriving at the conclusion to reflect on.  Take a look below and consider what suits you best.
Choose the OSJ Foreward method that suits you...


The Life-Time Forward


A Life-Time OSj is used over ones WHOLE life.  Your life is the project not the task, theme or mission. Therefore it is:
Started towards the middle of your life experience and includes the heading or direction up until.
Completed in separate parts and different time frames that suit you.
Written as a summary of content for that particular journal.


The Time-Bound Foreward


A Time-Bound OSJ is set by the them, task or mission is:


Completed at the end of the goal, ambition or time frame committed to (successfully or not).
It is specific defining the outset and overarching perspectives, concluding with your results.
Can be used with the Pre-emptive Method projecting into the ends of your desired outcome.

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