Your Original Success Journal

Chapter Two




A dedication is in terms of an OSJ is...


'The rightful due respects to those, who without being there, you would never have accomplished your efforts'


Method 1 - The Empirical Dedication


This is the most detailed of the two methods.  Like with the Acknowledgements, spend time with selecting all those people who your wish to dedicate your OSJ to.   It is a very special event to have a book dedicated after an inspiration and it is with that in mind we should consider who would not only be appreciative of this attention but who would benefit.  It is a gift from you to them and a notorious means of elevating someone in the esteem of all who know about your dedication.


Again, it is limitless, and many people pour out their respects to many people here and if that in your considerations is the way for you to go - so you should.


Method 2 - The Specific Dedication


This is a very meaningful dedication to singular or a few people. It has been known that dedications have been written posthumous to deceased inspirations as well as hero’s who have left such an outstanding change that authors have felt that they would like to leave this special place just for them.


Whichever way you go with this, you can expand on it later when you so desire to.  There is no rush to get this done and only when you are sure that you are ready to make your mark then put that pen to paper, as it is not editable (like it is on OSJ Live - our online version).



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