Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 10


Inner Resources


Your intrinsic gifts are inner resources...


Your Inner Resources Chapter of your Original Success Journal is where you put down every skill you have within yourself. There are thousands to choose from. The handy video below gives you a good start and some common skills you could already have. Every characteristic and skill you have should be recorded as you want to describe it. Be real and honest with yourself. Rate if you wish, out of ten, each of your skills to find out deeper information about you.


Our spirits are lifted when we are sure of our own self mastery. We make better decisions by knowing ourselves. It gives us a feeling of solidity which provides a deterent to anyone who may want to push us about emotionally.  Exploring your Inner Resources are a great way of getting to know what is in your treasure trove of inner resources and shine some light on what's great about your uniqueness.


Knowing yourself for your strengths is vital if you are ever going to outgrow your weaknesses. From here you can build on them...



Defining Inside Resources



Inside Resources are all the skills that you have either particularly or generally, that in a given situation or a circumstance, you can demonstrate.


Really feel like to can recognize yourself with your Inside Resources Chapter and acknowledge yourself for everything you have learned and all that you are skilled in. Most importantly add to these as you learn them.


Keep picking up your OSJ when you feel the need to. If you so happen to have learned basic life support on a first aid course maybe add the CPR skill there. If you have recently learned a new app or web application, add those. Especially add skills in communication like relating to others because it is these human traits which undoubtedly add real momentum to your progress, thus actual and eventual success.

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