Your Original Success Journal


Chapter 5




Desire of the heart and soul is the intrinsic and foremost reason of motivation to success.  This chapter is particularily special providing a dedicated space for you to express all those deisres you have not made enough progress towards or even made headway on yet.  Clearly and concisely expressing thsoe deisires will become your oars in your continuing success.


Often we give up our desires for many reasons.  We no longer strive for them.  That is not important.  What is important is that you get out all those desires now and have them realized in their initial raw expression, their first expression, be that in words, or drawings.  No one ever achieved anything by secretly imagining the arrival of that success because it takes a platitude of people to make any success possible.  These initial expressions allow for the ignition of your desires, therein allowing you to move from a static spot to the achievement or the goal, you decided on.


What do desires look like?


There is no correct answer here. One of the powerful things about writing your OSJ it is one of the only places you can not be wrong.  Some people have what others would call minor desires.  Things like greater self organisation, discipline, developing confidence or self esteem.  Do not fall into the trap of predudice that will convince you these are small or minor desires.  The essential foundations cannot support the weight of even more complex desires alone.  Discard how big or small your desires are and ordering them.  Place equal value on each one and see them as the components, all which have to be high quality to achieve the complete objectives.  Therefore, pour out onto the desire pages all the desires you have from career moves, leisure and pleasure, to personal development objectives.  Move toward them by developing and upskilling each of them as the valuable assets that you are going to materialise (even if you don't have them now).






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